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The squadron is an association of friends with a common interest in all forms of private light aviation, whose objectives are to promote and support aviation in the United Kingdom and to develop and maintain aviation links around the world


The Squadron also has a number of other distinguished Honorary Members including members of the Royal Family, the current Chief of the Air Staff and some heads of air forces of countries outside the United Kingdom, to which the Air Squadron has flown

The Squadron arranges about 10 events each year. These events include members' dinners, lectures, the annual presentation of Squadron trophies, visits to units of the armed services and other UK and international flying visits.

The visits usually focus on the UK and Continental Europe with a longer overseas expedition being held every few years. Within Europe the visits range from one day to a grass airstrip to a visit of 10 days or more to several locations.

Charlton Park

Trip to Tanzania - 1995

Following the first award, in 1995, of the Sir John Thomson Memorial Sword to the top cadet in the Combined Cadet Force, swords of honour have been awarded annually to cadets in the UK, USA and South Africa and, from 2016, has been awarded in Ukraine and Estonia. In Britain, a squadron trophy is awarded each year to the best Combined Cadet Force and cadets from all over the United Kingdom are honoured for their individual achievements. The Squadron Trophy for aerobatics has encouraged the sport and is competed for annually, as is the LAA Air Squadron trophy for homebuilt aircraft.

The Squadron has established a very close relationship with the UK armed and special forces; visits to units on land and at sea are paid each year, not only bringing the services closer to a community whose membership is predominantly civilian but enabling many young servicemen and women to fly in Squadron aircraft thus gaining flying experience not otherwise available to them. Squadron members regularly arrange events for armed forces charities and the Squadron supports the Battle for Britain Memorial Trust.